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P13 - Small Business Curriculum Alignment and Development


Round 1 Funding (through 12/31/18)
Round 2 Funding (through 12/31/19)
Round 3 Funding (through 12/31/20)
Lead: Lisa Kiplinger-Kennedy, [email protected], Deputy Sector Navigator, Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Number of colleges participating: 11
Colleges: Barstow, Chaffey, College of the Desert, Crafton Hills, Copper Mountain, Mt. San Jacinto, Moreno Valley, Norco, Riverside City, San Bernardino Valley, Victor Valley

Sector: Small Business

  • Metrics: Enrollment, Earned a Certificate or Degree

Project Description: The project intends to regionally align community college business curriculum. This will allow the creation of a method to identify coursework in the same way from college to college. In addition, the curriculum will be aligned not only with the community colleges, but also with our K-12 partners, universities, and industry partners. The purpose behind this is to provide business and industry a more qualified and robust workforce base, giving employers the certainty that the entry level employees will have the skills they need. It also ensures that transfer students will meet the prerequisite requirements for future courses. Curriculum alignment also increases student’s portability between community colleges and guarantees they receive credit for completed coursework, decreases duplication of effort, and increases their ability to complete a pathway. This project includes the development of an 18-unit regional credit and/or non-credit Entrepreneur Certificate program, which will incorporate various stages of entrepreneurship (explorers, beginners, and experienced). Also included will be the development and/or adoption of “Gig” Economy course modules, such as direct selling, social media marketing, sales courses, and introduction to customer relationship management software. Training specifically for Non-Profit organizations will be developed, as this was identified as a skills gap by our industry partners.

Status Update

Funding Cycle: 7/1/17 - 12/31/19

Spending as of 12/31/18

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Lisa Kiplinger-Kennedy
Deputy Sector Navigator, Small Business and Entrepreneurship
[email protected]