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P11 - Building and Energy System Professional Consortia (BESP)


Round 1 Funding (through 12/31/18)
Round 2 Funding (through 12/31/19)
Round 3 Funding (through 12/31/20)
Lead: Jon Caffery, [email protected], Regional Prop 39 Director
Number of colleges participating: 7
Colleges: Barstow, Chaffey, College of the Desert, Moreno Valley, Norco, Riverside City, San Bernardino Valley

Sector: Energy, Construction, and Utilities

  • Metrics: Enrollment, Earned a Certificate or Degree

Project Description: The BESP Consortia project is a response to the Energy Efficiency industry facing serious shortfalls in developing a skilled, trained, and available labor pool. The BESP project responds to sector employer’s needs for a trained and employment ready workforce. COE data indicate that demand is high. Currently, there are 7336 annual job openings in construction crafts with 1461 annual openings in the high demand well-paying middle-skill occupations in the energy efficiency related fields. Total annual certificates awarded throughout the region for all EC&U (BESP) TOP codes is 269. Combined the regional training programs have an annual shortfall of at least 7,000 employment/skills ready workers. The foundation of the BESP project is the “Expert Network” of willing and engaged ECU faculty champions that fosters a channel for stackable credentials and credit transportability across regional colleges. The expert network develops as a learning community which thru collaboration and innovation transform the regional programs. Advancing student success by aligning content and outcomes with third-party evidence-based benchmarks and assessments leading to industry valued credentials. The project strives to develop solutions, such as outreach campaigns and integrating industry and academia in a campaign to address the shortfall. Aligning objectives and activities with the efforts of the Riverside County EDA/WDB, San Bernardino WDB, WIOA, and partner institutions to best address the issues of attracting, retaining, and successfully graduating students in Energy Efficiency programs.

Status Update

Funding Cycle: 7/1/17 - 12/31/19

Spending as of 12/31/18

Funding Cycle: 7/1/18 - 12/31/20

Spending as of 12/31/18

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Jon Caffery
Regional Prop 39 Director
[email protected]