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P07 - Regional and District Job Developers


Round 1 Funding (through 12/31/18)
Round 2 Funding (through 12/31/19)
Round 3 Funding (through 12/31/20)
Lead: Robert St. Juliana, [email protected], College of the Desert
Colleges: Barstow, Chaffey, College of the Desert, Copper Mountain, Crafton Hills, Mt. San Jacinto, Moreno Valley, Norco, Palo Verde, Riverside City, San Bernardino Valley, Victor Valley
Number of colleges participating: 12

Sector: Across all Sectors

  • Metrics: Enrollments, Employed 2 Quarters After Exit, Employed 4 Quarters After Exit

Project Description: This project will provide a collaborative regional approach to job development and placement for students within the region. Regional job developers will be primarily responsible for seeking out jobs in their respective areas for students graduating in CTE programs and credentials. These "Regional Job Developers" will work with college/district job developers to identify jobs that may be available in areas where the college does not offer the CTE program, but it is offered at one of the other colleges. The job developers would then seek out students within the identified industry skills to match the job opening and facilitate the candidate matching, interview process, and job placement with the companies identified. This meets one of the metrics of the Strong Workforce dollars in that it increases the number of students who are placed in jobs that are within their CTE Certificate or Associates degree skillset.

Status Update

Funding Cycle: 7/1/16 - 12/31/18

Final spending as of 12/31/18

Funding Cycle: 7/1/17 - 12/31/19

Spending as of 12/31/18

Funding Cycle: 7/1/18 - 12/31/20

Spending as of 12/31/18

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Robert St. Juliana
College of the Desert
[email protected]
Jeff Drozd
Copper Mountain College
[email protected]
Monique Ware
Crafton Hills College
[email protected]
Nikki Cook
Moreno Valley College
[email protected]
Jason Kennedy
Moreno Valley College
[email protected]
Carrie Tate-Meyer
Mt. San Jacinto
[email protected]
Jeanette Garrett
Palo Verde College
[email protected]
Meriel Anderson-McDade
Riverside City College
[email protected]
Peggy Weber
San Bernardino Valley College
[email protected]
Charlotte Allen
Victor Valley College
[email protected]