Welcome to the Desert Region
Tech Prep Collaborative


studentsThe Desert Region covers both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties; this includes 10 community colleges and 6 ROPs.  The goal of the collaborative is to create a transition strategy for students between high school, community college, and local employment.


What is Tech Prep?

Tech Prep is federal initiative developed to address the demand for a highly skilled workforce.   Tech Prep is a means for students to begin a program of study in high school which continues to a community college.  Tech Prep programs combine academic courses needed for success in college AND technical courses need to prepare students for a high skilled, high demand careers.


What is a Tech Prep Student?

A tech prep student begins a program of study in high school, by taking two years of career and technical education courses, and then transfers to a community college for two years to earn an advanced degree or certificate. 


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